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Bathroom renovations

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    Feel like your bathroom is in much need of an upgrade? Bathrooms tend to show the most wear and tear as the years pass by so it’s really not surprising that you want to give it a makeover! But you need to be careful with your operations- your bathroom strongly relies on an efficient and functional plumbing system to run smoothly. With Nationwide Plumbing as your chosen plumbing professional, we can guarantee to meet all your expectations and more with your bathroom renovations!

    What Nationwide Plumbing has to offer?

    When it comes to all your plumbing needs, Nationwide Plumbing is just the plumbing company to call. Be it for repairs or installations, we ensure that we understand our customer’s needs so as to provide a tailor-made solution that brings their dream bathroom to life. With our guidance, the project will run smoothly from beginning to end and you’ll be left with nothing but the best results.

    We guarantee dispatching only qualified and insured professionals to see to your renovations- from the smallest to the most complex of tasks. Not only are the plumbers under our employ excellent in their capabilities and customer care, but we deliver swift job completion at affordable pricings.

    How does our process work?

    • Allow our experienced plumbers to carry out an inspection and look at your plans. This will help them get an idea of the requirements and you can have a quote given to you on the project.
    • Once demolition is carried out, we’ll be able to have the hot/cold waste pipes installed.
    • Once tiling and joinery is in place, we can complete the job while carrying out installation of all the other plumbing fixtures.

    How long will the renovation take?

    This is usually specific to the nature of the renovation taking place. Once we have inspected the area and your plans, we will be able to give you a timeline on the project. However, the time taken for a standard bathroom renovation is usually 3-4 weeks. Things like redesigning the layout, installation of doors and shower screens, wall removal etc. all tend to add more time to the process.

    One thing we advise against homeowners doing is taking on bathroom renovations as a DIY project as it is significantly riskier if you lack the experience. Upon completion you might find yourself stuck with a poorly designed bathroom so why not just contact our team for all your needs instead? We provide our services across Australia so should you need your bathroom renovations seen to hassle-free by a professional, simply call us at 1300 652 100 for more information!

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