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Blocked Drains

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    Be it your household or a business, clogged drains are a common occurrence that our customers have to face. Different items such as food, hair or even tree roots (in the case of storm water drains) can get stuck in your drains and create that dreaded block but you can count on the experienced team at Nationwide Plumbing to handle all those blockages!

    Signs your drain is blocked:

    • Gurgling sounds
    • Unpleasant odors
    • Sinks are slow to drain
    • Low-pressure water
    • Toilet water levels are unusually high
    • Pools of water can be found around the property

    What can I attempt to use on my blocked drain?

    We understand that some homeowners prefer to try quick fixes before resorting to professional assistance so here are some solutions you can try:

    • Pour boiling water down the drain
    • Use a bent hanger to dislodge the blockage
    • Mix baking soda and vinegar and pour down the drain

    If these methods do not work, call us for professional assistance! We’ll be there at your earliest to make quick work of that clogged drain!

    Why Choose Nationwide Plumbing?

    • Fast Service: At Nationwide, our plumbers have been well trained in handling a variety of services- there isn’t a drain we can’t unblock!
    • Affordable- we offer straightforward costing and no hidden costs!
    • Servicing nationwide- No matter where you live, we’ll have our plumbers dispatched to your doorstep.
    • Qualified plumbers- all our plumbers are highly trained and qualified in what they do. Not only will they treat customers with utmost respect, but they will ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with each job.

    What do we specialize in?

    • Blocked sewer drains
    • Blocked storm water drains
    • Blocked bathroom/kitchen drains
    • Drain excavations and renewals

    No job is too big or too small- reach us at 1300 652 100 today to take care of all your blockages!

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