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    Looking to renovate your kitchen and install a brand-new cooktop? This definitely isn’t a safe DIY operation for you to be taking on. Our plumbing experts can help you make the right choice for your kitchen, install your newly purchased cooktop or aid you with repairs with your health and property’s welfare being an utmost priority.

    Be it an electric or gas cooktop, each has their own dangers to contend with. This is why it’s recommended that only trained professionals handle such appliances. There are risks of leaks in the pipes/main pipeline or burns/fires if poorly installed so call Nationwide Plumbing for certified experts to take control of this project and make sure it goes smoothly!

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    Signs you need a new cooktop

    • The burners don’t heat- this is when the flame produced isn’t blue or merely flickers in gas cooktops or doesn’t turn red on electric stoves when turned on High.
    • The smell of gas- this is a blatant sign of a leak and the last thing you should do is switch your burners on. It’s rather unsafe so call for a professional immediately.
    • There are cracks on the surface- this means it’s no longer safe to use so you’ll want to replace it ASAP.
    • Doesn’t turn on- If your burners tend to splutter, this might be a sign of loose wiring, which is a definite fire hazard.

    How to take care of your cooktop

    With a new cooktop in your possession, the next thing you’re likely going to want to do is take care of it as well as you can. Here are some tips you’ll want to make use of:

    • Iron cookware or ceramic/stoneware with rough bases shouldn’t be used on smooth cooktops. The roughness will definitely leave scratches behind.
    • Avoid metal pads or more abrasive material when cleaning smooth cooktops
    • Dragging heavy pots across might damage your cooktop
    • If the bottoms of your pans/skillets are dirty, this will cause a build-up of grease that will leave marks behind on your cooktop that are rather difficult to be rid of.
    • Don’t place utensils on a warm cooktop as this could burn the cooktop.

    If your burners refuse to light and you want to service your cooktop one more time before considering an upgrade, you’ll have to contact reliable repair technicians to handle your cooktop repair.

    If you’re ready to invest in a new cooktop or a kitchen renovation is underway, you can count on Nationwide Plumbing to carry out your cooktop installations safely. Costings can change from household to household so allow our plumbers to diagnose the situation and give you a fixed quote promptly.

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