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Gas Leaks

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    No matter the problem- from gas leaks to damaged pipes- we can fix it in no time! Gas leaks, in particular, are rather life-risking conditions so whether it involves either natural gas or LPG gas pipelines/appliances, it’s important that you get in touch with a certified gas fitter/ gas plumber to see to your repairs.

    What causes gas leaks?

    There could be many causes for your gas leak. Most commonly, they could include damaged gas pipes, broken underground gas lines or faulty/poorly maintained appliances so to make sure you don’t jeopardize the safety of your home or business, make sure to hire only professionals when having your appliances or gas lines serviced. DIY projects really aren’t advised when it comes to your gas appliances and pipes- the right equipment and experience is a must!

    What are the signs of a gas leak?

    • A distinctive smell of gas or rotten eggs
    • High gas bills
    • Heating is defective
    • Whistling noises from gas appliances
    • Bubbling or dry grass in the garden
    • Health issues such as headaches, nausea and fatigue

    What do you do if you smell gas?

    • Turn off all gas appliances and your gas meter
    • Extinguish any flames in the house, avoid smoking or striking matches
    • Avoid operating electrical switches
    • Open windows
    • Evacuate
    • Call 1300 652 100 immediately for a certified gas plumber

    How will we handle your gas leak?

    Since gas leaks usually stem from a single faulty pipe or gas appliance, our first objective is to get to the root of the problem- and the problem may not necessarily be visible to the naked eye so we need to be able to conduct a few tests to discover the gas leak.

    • We’ll conduct tests on the pipework and appliances meticulously because the source of a gas leak is most often this. By finding the appliance or connection responsible, we’ll be able to speedily repair it and get your system safely working once again.
    • We’ll test the main gas supply. By running an investigation into the general piping network, we’ll be able to discover any damaged pipes and worn out joints. These sections would have to be replaced on the spot and after a few tests, we’ll have your gas system up and running in no time.

    Why choose Nationwide Plumbing?

    It’s important to understand that a gas leak can occur in any building so if you happen to smell a gas leak you really shouldn’t ignore it! Since the gas escaping from the leak is highly flammable, all it takes is a single flame for a fire or explosion. With up-to-date equipment in our arsenal, we have the means to detect leaks in any residential or commercial property and repair it with minimal hassle.

    At Nationwide Plumbing, we have a team of licensed gas fitters/ gas plumbers servicing nationwide, dedicated to performing a range of gas related services- so you can trust we have the expertise to handle your gas leaks post-haste.

    Contact us now at 1300 652 100 for any inquires and to have all your gas issues sorted!

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