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Kitchen Renovations

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    Always dreamed of owning that dream kitchen? It comes down to far more than improving the space’s visual appeal but ensuring its inner systems are working smoothly as well. With Nationwide Plumbing working close with your current builder, we can guarantee you’ll have the kitchen of your dreams operating at peak efficiency.

    How can we help with your kitchen renovation?

    Any layout changes that you want to make to get that perfect kitchen design may also require the installation of new pipes and gas fitting services. If you want more modern features you can opt for installation of continuous flow hot water, filtered drinking taps, dishwashers etc. By making all these changes, you’re definitely investing in a more sophisticated and efficient kitchen and in choosing Nationwide Plumbing, we guarantee zero hassle in making sure your needs are met- customer always remains priority.

    What do you have to do before a renovation?

    When it comes to your kitchen renovations, you’ll have to pay a lot of attention towards your plumbing system. This is not something you want jeopardized or giving way once your renovation is done. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind:

    • Look at your existing plumbing layout before drawing up any plans. Talk with our plumber to identify how much of your existing plumbing can be repurposed.
    • Make sure the appropriate plumbing fixtures are kept together so a single pipe can be used. For example, the dishwasher is better off next to the sink so the drainage pipe can double up. You will save money on your renovation bill since you won’t have to install new pipes.
    • Consider if your kitchen will be as functional as it will be appealing to the eye. If not, your excitement post-renovation will be pretty short-lived.
    • In all the excitement at getting your new sink fitted in and new appliances up and running, you’re overlooking the single most thing that these new features depend on- the plumbing! You need to make sure your pipes are still in good condition or you’ll find a burst pipe ruining your kitchen before too long. Work side by side with one of our professional plumbers to make sure your plumbing system is up to speed as well!
    • If you happen to be re-using any of your old appliances, make sure they’re in top-shape. For example, a fridge that keeps leaking or doesn’t cool properly, will definitely interfere with your kitchen renovation success. In this scenario, you can get a professional fridge repair to get everything up to scratch! 

    How much would a renovation cost?

    Call us at 1300 652 100 and request for one of our plumbers to take a look at your plans. A renovation widely varies on the changes specific to your kitchen so with an inspection of the situation, our team will be able to give you a quote.

    Nationwide Plumbing has an outstanding reputation for delivering complete plumbing solutions to our customers across Australia. With us, your project will be in skilled hands!

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