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    If you’re worried you might have a leak around the house, save yourself unnecessary expenses and contact us immediately so we can address the issue! Locating a leak fast is imperative to ensuring your household remains safe because the water damage created by this leak can eat away at your property’s infrastructure and also be hazardous for your health.

    The team at Nationwide Plumbing offers you highly experienced plumbers familiar with dealing with various leaks and concealed plumbing. To ensure efficient processes, we only deal with modern equipment and highly advanced detection devices that help up speedily pinpoint the location of your pesky leak.

    Why Choose Nationwide Plumbing?

    • We guarantee speedy fixes
    • Full range of detection equipment
    • Highly experienced technicians
    • Same day service
    • Complete plumbing check offered

    What damage does a leak cause?

    A leak can cause significant structural damage around the house. For example, it could give way to dangerous electrical issues. Damp timber could attract unwanted pests like white ants. Damp patches can give way to mold, which is particularly hazardous for your health. By letting the leak fester, your wallet will take a bigger blow as you deal with all the above consequences that come with it. Call Nationwide immediately if you suspect a leak and we’ll take care of the situation for you before unnecessary expenses get involved.

    Not sure you have a water leak?

    Spotting a water leak may not be all as black and white as noticing a leaking tap in the bathroom. Sometimes, the signs are far less subtle. Here’s what you need to know:

    • Water bill has spiked
    • Water pools in unexpected places (in small amounts, however, so look carefully)
    • Mold spots, discolored wood, slight odors
    • Leaking irrigation system (look for small unexplainable puddles in the lawn)

    What causes a water leak?

    It always helps to be a bit more aware about what causes a water leak in the first place so in the future, you can save some expenses and call your local, trusted plumber ASAP. Here are some common factors:

    • Deterioration of pipe joints
    • Temperature changes that lead to pipe expansion and contraction
    • Broken seals around water appliances
    • Loose water connectors
    • Intruding tree roots
    • Excess water pressure

    Call our friendly team to book your leak detection service at your earliest. Our trained technicians fully understand the rigorous nature of the job and come well-equipped to locate the leak. Once a full understanding of the nature of the leak is obtained, we’ll give you your costing- no hidden costs to worry about!

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