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    A leaking tap might seem like a small hindrance in the list of things going wrong in your household operations but trust us when we say this small leaking tap is imperative to balancing the efficiency of your home. For one, it wastes a considerable amount of water that ends up rearing its head in your water bills. If the issue is left to fester, then it could actually damage your house’s foundations too. This is why you need a trusted plumber to rectify the situation at once!

    What causes a leaking tap?

    There are many reasons a leaking tap could come about, and they include:

    • A corroded valve seat,
    • a worn-out washer,
    • improper installation of a washer,
    • loose parts,
    • worn out seal
    • or broken pipe or fittings.

    If you suspect your home might  have a leaking tap, simply check your water meter two hours before and after you last use water in the house. An increase could be explained by a plumbing issue. Don’t try to tackle these issues on your own- you risk worsening the root of the matter. Instead call your trusted local plumber to have your leaking tap sorted easily.

    If you feel like your washer is to blame for the leaks, and has been showing signs of disrepair as of late, you can schedule your washing machine repair to resolve the issue. 

    Why Choose Nationwide Plumbing?

    At Nationwide Plumbing we have resolved an extensive range of plumbing matters so we have pretty much seen it all- your leaking tap is in safe hands. Be it for servicing, repairing or replacing your kitchen/bathroom/garden tap, we’ll provide speedy solutions at economical prices for all our customers. Here’s why you need to choose Nationwide Plumbing for the job:

    • Certified Plumbers
    • Service nationwide
    • Affordable Pricing
    • Same day Service
    • Satisfaction guaranteed

    If you attempt to fix the problem yourself, you risk triggering a major leak, which would be even more costly to fix. Instead,

    call Nationwide Plumbing at 1300 652 100 to get your leaking tap sorted today!

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