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Oven / Stove Install

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    Whether you decided to invest in a new stove/oven, you’re renovating your kitchen or you’re simply moving things around, handling these appliances without the correct expertise can actually be quite dangerous. With the wrong move, you can also bring about costly damage to your appliance. Avoid all this by simply calling Nationwide for our reliable installation plumbing services.

    Gas oven/stove plumbers require a lot of training to be licensed. This means that they have committed themselves to practicing safe installations and repairs that prioritizes the wellbeing of your home/ commercial property. Trust that our trained plumbers will perform a thorough service that doesn’t just involve installation of your appliance! It will also include a thorough inspection and testing for leaks.

    What to look for in a new oven?

    • Dual oven- for all those big families that tend to use the oven for multiple dishes at a time, an energy smart option would be a dual oven that doesn’t have to use excess energy to warm up.
    • Convection- this is a faster method of circulating heat rather than radiant heat in conventional ovens.
    • Sabbath mode- this option allows you to keep your food warm for a period of time- perfect for those occasions where dinner is put on hold.
    • Timer features- For all those times you missed the persistent buzzing of your timer and the meals ended up a charred mess, this feature will save many a dinner.

    We also have the tools required to repair your existing oven/stove. If you feel like you’ve got a faulty oven/stove, make sure to contact us immediately as any malfunctioning piece of equipment can be hazardous. Our plumbers will be able to make quick work of your problem and give you a thorough costing in no time!

    Signs your oven needs repair

    • It makes strange noises (abnormal whirring or buzzing)
    • Strange odors
    • Food comes out burnt/cold/raw
    • Electrical issues (takes a long time to turn on, heat etc.)

    These signs could indicate that your oven is reaching the end of its lifespan- looking for expert oven repair? Hire reliable technicians for the job! But if you’re thinking of investing in a new appliance and feel like it might be the only viable option, worry not, for our installation plumbers will diagnose the problem and walk you through what steps to take.

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