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Water Hammering

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    What is water hammer? This is the term coined for a common household plumbing problem that can usually be found affecting pipes in washing machines, dishwashers, toilets etc. It often takes the form of scary, thudding noises echoing through the house. This is caused by high water pressure when an appliance/tap is turned off rather abruptly. Water hammer can cause quite the damage to your plumbing system because it eventually gives way to broken pipes, leaks and other burdens.

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    If you know that your plumbing system is suffering from water hammer problems, it’s best that you call one of our experienced plumbers to address the situation before it worsens. Our team is licensed and fully capable of identifying the right solution your plumbing system needs.

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    What else contributes to water hammer?

    High water pressure and quick-shutting valves are primarily what gives way to water hammer but there are also a few secondary factors that definitely don’t make the situation any better. Want to stay on top of the situation and remove all risks? Here’s what you need to know:

    • Old pipes- Pipes that have been poorly installed or those worn out pipes that have become loose over the years tend to rattle when faced with high water pressure.
    • Older appliances- Appliances that take in and release a large amount of water tend to increase chances of water hammer so, if your appliances are older, they might be in need of repairs.
    • Poor plumbing- By not committing to regular plumbing maintenance, you allow problems like water hammer to worsen over time. Call your local, trusted plumbers at Nationwide Plumbing to catch these plumbing woes and provide you with the best solutions.

    How will we address the problem?

    Our team has the expertise to handle any plumbing problems your household may be facing so you can trust that there’s an arsenal of solutions ready to be utilized. Here are some of the typical methods we’ll use to fix your problem:

    • Installing a valve to reduce pressure on water supply line
    • Fitting the pipe with a shock absorber.
    • Loop/arrester installation to cushion the flow of water
    • Reduce pumping velocity by utilizing a larger pipe diameter
    • Using quality pipes to prevent internal damage
    • Maintain regular plumbing service.

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